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Ken Hensley & Live Fire - Live in Russia!!!

Secret Records are proud to release Ken Hensley & Live Fire 'Live In Russia'. Filmed & Recorded Live in concert in the City Centre of Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation on the 07 July 2018.

Available to order now through our website:
Audio CD + full concert DVD, incl. Interview
Double 180 gram Vinyl in a Gatefold sleeve, incl a separate interview DVD
DVD interview by Malcolm Dome (NTSC Colour - Plays Worldwide)
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    Ken Hensley

    Now available from Amazon, Spotify, Deezer & Google Play Store

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  • trouble album cover

    Ken Hensley & Live Fire

    Trouble is not only Ken's third record fronting the band Live Fire, but now one of over 50 albums Ken Hensley has recorded or featured on!

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  • live album cover

    Ken Henlsey & Live Fire

    Produced by Ken himself, "LIVE” captures Ken Hensley & Live Fire on their 2012 European tour at dates in Switzerland and Germany whilst promoting "Faster”.

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  • live tales album cover

    Ken Henlsey

    A brand new unreleased live recording by the legendary Ken Hensley, including songs from his Uriah Heep days as well as from his successful solo career.

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  • ken avatar home

    2020, the year of hindsight - Feb 2020

    Hey people!!!

    I just realised it´s 2020, the year of hindsight!!

    We have so many big and exciting plans for this year and I will tell you about them as the time gets nearer but, in the meantime, I have a favour to ask of all of you!

    Are you going somewhere? Anywhere?


    WE all have Spotify. We all know downloads, we all know streaming and the millions of other ways to get to our favourite music so now is a great time for the music to keep us together, right?

    Of course I am guessing (hoping!) that some of your favourite music is among the 55 or so albums I have recorded or released in my 57 years of doing this and I KNOW most, if not all of it is out there in the ionosphere so why not grab it, put it in your favourite not-so-well-hidden hiding place and ... once you have done that...


    If there´s anything we can do to make it easier for you all, we´ll do it so please let us know! We love to hear from you anyway so keep in touch and, like I said, we´ll let you all into our new project secrets as soon as we can.

    I just KNOW you´re going to love it all, mainly because it is all 100% new and totally unique!!

    Take the best care,



    Ken <><
  • ken avatar home

    The Big Update - June 2019

    Hi Everyone!!

    You know .... If my life and my career were a book, I would probably be moving into chapter 1000 by now!! That alone is incredible enough, but what it reminds me of most of all is how much I have to be thankful for. Above all is my faith and then comes a very long list of people who have done such wonderful things with me and for me over so many years. And of course that includes all of you!

    We've come a long way together haven't we?

    Wondering what's next? ...... Read on!

    I like to look back and I mostly enjoy what I see. And I do learn from it all, including the occasional mistakes. But the best thing of all is that there is so much to look forward to!

    In July this year, Secret Records will release the "Live in Russia" project and this is very exciting to me. We filmed and recorded the "World Heros Of Rock" show in Novokuznetsk, Russia last year and this will be released on DVD, CD AND .... A DOUBLE VINYL in a gatefold sleeve. This will be pressed on 180 gram vinyl and will include a bonus DVD, featuring a great interview I did with Malcolm Dome. The artwork and production of all this is amazing and of course it features many of your favourite songs and my incredible band "LIVE FIRE".

    Now I will have released more than 56 products in my professional life and, thanks to you and many people like you, they will all live longer than me. My very first stage musical, "Born To Rock" has reached the draft presentation stage and I am very hopeful that the 3 plus years of writing and development work will come to life very soon.

    I'll keep you posted ....

    Shows have been booked through the rest of this year, but I will be taking time out in September to record and produce my own special salute to the 50th anniversary of Uriah Heep.

    This will be something totally unique and, as if all this wasn't enough, wait until you hear what we have planned for 2020! So .... let's go into the next chapter of this journey together right now. Come with me to wherever it leads and let's make even more rock & roll history!!

    God bless

    Ken <><
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    New Gig in St. Petersburg, Russia!
    Ken <><
  • ken avatar home
    New Gig in Novokuznetsk, Russia!

    I am very excited to announce that I will be playing an outdoor show in Novokuznetsk with Live Fire on 7th July this year,
    to celebrate the 400 year birthday of the City.
    To all my fans and friends in Russia I look forward to seeing you there, hope you can make it!
    God bless
    Ken <><
  • ken avatar home
    Hi Everyone!
    I know ... I've been quiet here for a while, but that's only because I have been so crazy busy!! In the music business/industry, conventional "wisdom" (and, in the context of the so-called music industry, I use the word "wisdom" very selectively!) says I should have slowed down years ago.
    I say ... "why?" I love what I do and I especially love that other people (like all of you) love what I do and, even if my passion for what I do wasn't enough to keep me doing it (which it is), you all would give me a million good reasons for doing it.
    Having just celebrated my 72nd birthday, I humbly reflect on how much I have accomplished in my personal and professional lives and I rejoice and give thanks that I am still able to write, play and sing.
    My career once gave me riches I couldn't understand or manage. Now I have the real richness of a great wife, a great family and a wonderful ¨sub-family¨ of fans and friends all over the world and this means more to me than any amount of wordly riches!
    So, as long as you want me there and as long as God gives me my health and strength, I will be there! Not for ¨them¨, not for the money and certainly not for the fame.
    God bless you all
    Ken <><
  • ken avatar home
    This is going to be such a great moment in my career and and a piece of rock & roll history!
    Me and Live Fire will be Alice's band for one night only and to be on stage together with him is going to be amazing ... at least for me!!
    ken and alice cooper poster Ken <><

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In concert, Ken Hensley plays Alhambra steel-string acoustic guitars exclusively.
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